board of directors

The Georgia Citrus Association was founded in 2016. Since our inception, we have been blessed with dedicated leaders. Our board is comprised of both nurseries, growers, researchers and industry leaders.




"In 2017, we were proud and excited to welcome more than 300 people to the first GCA conference. We saw a tremendous explosion in the growth of the industry, and we believe the reason lies in the tremendous opportunity we have in our state to do good. The conditions are right for this crop. The time is right. The support is there. And we are excited to provide the best information we can to enable our members and our communities to enjoy the results of Georgia-grown citrus."

board of directors

Clay Lamar, Patti Niewoehner - T, Logan Gillis - S, Lindy Savelle - P, Kathy Lamb - VP, Dara Barwick, Ken Corbett, Kim Jones, Garrett Ganas

Georgia growers. Georgia families. Georgia citrus.

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