The Georgia Citrus industry is exploding. In 2017 alone, we doubled the number of citrus trees in the state from 21,000 to 42,000.




"In 2017, we were proud and excited to welcome more than 300 people to the first GCA conference. We saw a tremendous explosion in the growth of the industry, and we believe the reason lies in the tremendous opportunity we have in our state to do good. The conditions are right for this crop. The time is right. The support is there. And we are excited to provide the best information we can to enable our members and our communities to enjoy the results of Georgia-grown citrus."

Why is the citrus industry growing?

As nurseries, growers and policy leaders ask this question, we believe the best answer lies in two things... the climate and conditions that are ripe for reward in Georgia, as well as the willingness of the growers to maximize their opportunity.

We believe in growth that is purposeful and well thought out. Our mission is to educate the public as well as farmers about how to grow healthy citrus and to protect the opportunity that we have in Georgia. Our state is not rampant with disease, so we recognize the importance of proceeding with the right regulations to support healthy growth and financial success for all involved.


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While the citrus industry has exploded, so has public interest.



We doubled the number of citrus trees in the State of Georgia from 21,000 to 42,000 in 2017. Join us to find out more about this growing industry.

Georgia growers. Georgia families. Georgia citrus.

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